Service Description

If you buy a Mint Julep from a walking vendor at the Kentucky Derby or a beer in the seating areas at an NFL Colts home game, you’re doing business with Rocket Man.

Each year, Rocket Man serves millions of drinks in stadiums and arenas as a 3rd party sub-contractor for the foodservice concessions company that manages the arena’s operations (Levy Restaurants, Centerplate, Ovations, Aramark, etc.).

Rocket Man receives a percentage of sales in exchange for providing the management team, workforce, supplies, and equipment.

Rocket Man has operations in more than 20 major sports and entertainment venues across the United States, including NFL stadiums, racetracks, major league ballparks, NBA Arenas, and outdoor music centers.

Benefits to Concessionaires

Rocket Man has established a strong reputation for helping foodservice concessions companies maximize bottom line profitability, increase sales and customer service, comply with laws regulating sale of alcohol, and reduce labor management headaches with NO CAPITAL INVESTMENT.

Our clients contract with Rocket Man because they have learned that they can expect the same quality standard in each facility.

Proven Operating System

All of the operational elements (procedures, forms, cash and inventory controls, etc.) necessary to implement Rocket Man's high performance programs have been explicitly documented in operating manuals, videos and training materials.

As a result, Rocket Man is able to duplicate our proven system in a consistent and uniform manner in all facilities.


Rocket Man provides all personnel for the execution of a high volume vending operation, including event managers, supervisors, laborers and an optimal number of walking vendors.

The vendor staffing level for each event is based on various factors, such as client goals and objectives, attendance projections, weather forecast, sales history, service area, and past experience in similar venues.

Hiring Standard

Rocket Man takes extraordinary precautions to ensure that each vendor will be able to deliver superior quality service and represent us and our clients in a professional manner.

Each vendor is hired, trained and managed according to Rocket Man's strict guidelines, recognized as the highest standard in the foodservice concessions industry.

Online System

Once hired, the vendor is able to perform several tasks on our state-of-the-art website, including:

  • Signing up to work an event
  • Reviewing sales history, ranking, and performance grades
  • Receiving event instructions (report time, parking, attire, etc.)
  • Viewing Schedule of Events
  • Sending us a message
  • Updating personal information

Vendor Grading System

Rocket Man uses an evaluation system to assign a letter grade to each vendor at the conclusion of an event. Vendors with the highest grades enjoy special privileges and scheduling priority.

The Grade is based on a combination of several factors, including: Sales performance, checking IDs, compliance with rules, punctuality, appearance, attitude and professionalism, and use of the internet.

Alcohol Awareness & Customer Service Training

Each vendor successfully completes substantial alcohol sales training to help ensure responsible social enjoyment of alcoholic beverages.

Vendors also complete courses to help them deliver exceptional customer service in spectator seating areas (money handling, pouring, etc.).


Rocket Man has adopted standards for attire, grooming and hygiene to create a comfortable work environment and present a professional image on behalf of our client.


We utilize Mystery Shopper Programs (decoys) and Spotters to closely monitor the activities of walking vendors and weed out those that aren't providing quality customer service and complying with the rules.

Upcoming Events
"Each year, Rocket Man serves millions of drinks in stadiums and arenas as a 3rd party sub-contractor for the foodservice concessions company that manages the arena's operations."